About us

Welcome to the Missouri Tamil School. Inspired by the words of Kaniyan Poongundranar “யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்” (To us all towns are one, all men our kin) tamilians are always spreading wings in all corners of the world. Wherever we go we carry our precious language, culture and tradition with us. Tamil is one of the ancient and longest surviving classical languages in the world and tamil literature has existed for over 2000 years. We are proud of our heritage and strive to take it forward to our next generation.

Missouri Tamil School was started in 2005 with 55 students and has grown rapidly ever since. We currently have 300 students registered this year. We are affiliated with the American Tamil Academy (ATA) and follow a curriculum devised by them for grades Mazhalai to Nilai 8. The curriculum is designed by incorporating our Tamil culture as well as activities, festivals, and games familiar to the children growing up in America.

The school is successfully run by a dedicated team of 80 teachers and 14 technical volunteers, who work hard for this noble cause. 

Every year we conduct Tamil Bee Competitions for the children, in order to foster a well-rounded knowledge in Tamil. The students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their Tamil speaking, writing, comprehension, and literary skills. 

Our annual Arumbu magazine serves as an excellent platform that exhibits our student's Tamil writing skills.

Provide Tamil language immersion opportunities for interested students by guiding and supporting their participation in regional and national literary and cultural events conducted by MOTS, Tamil Sangam of Missouri, and Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America


To systematically teach the language of Tamil, one of the oldest and most widely spoken classical languages in the world, to students aged four and above residing in the state of Missouri. 


Our vision is to encourage an enduring interest in Tamil language, literature, and culture among children living in the United States of America through regularly conducted educational programs, cultural events, and social activities. These organized activities are designed to provide our students with opportunities to apply the language and literary skills obtained from their school work.